Picture of Cory. 6 foot 2 inches, light-brown hair, blue eyes, black thick-framed glasses, black North Face windbreaker jacket, jeans. Bookshelf full of random books behind him.

This site was designed with a golden ratio grid using a PostCSS layout plugin I made that mimics much of CSS Grid Spec but works seamlessly in IE9; developed with Jekyll because the billion static-site generators made me dizzy 🤕; and deployed to Netlify (SSL, HTTP2, CDN) with DNSimple.

Pertinent Skills


I could use some more work on ARIA roles, microdata, localStorage, but I'm generally pretty good at this.

I understand semantic markup and actually have a lightweight spin-off of HTML boilerplate that works well with a plethora of browsers.


I have a really deep knowledge of CSS, preprocessors, and PostCSS.

I created the 2nd most popular Stylus project, and the 4th most popular PostCSS project.


I'm really good at vanilla JavaScript, but don't have a lot of real-world experience with JS frameworks. I'm currently studying React/Redux and can whip together some simple stuff, but I believe developers don't really get good at a technology until they've used it on a few large, real-world, projects in the wild.

I know ES6+; functional concepts like mapping, reducing, etc.; promise usage to avoid pyramids of doom; some design patterns; code style with ESLint (StandardJS is currently my favorite flavor); strong typing with Flow/TypeScript; modularizing code with imports/exports; etc.


I've built a lot of custom tools with Node. It's one of my favorite things to do. I'm very familiar with the API and at least know what standard libs to search through for answers to particular questions.

I've used streams and spun up HTTP servers/APIs with Express, but I wouldn't consider myself super comfortable with them yet. I'm currently working on this.

What have I built?

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